Our origin story

With a background in nursing, our owner and founder saw that there was a need for accessible, healthy meals for families across the Pittsburgh, PA area. That's why they decided to create a convenient meal plan service. By offering balanced meals made with fresh local ingredients, Prep U can help people with busy schedules eat and live well.

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Meal Plans

Invest in your health with our meal plan service.

Juice Cleanses

Boost your health with a juice cleanse.


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Healthy Food, Happy Life

Nourish your body with our convenient meal plan service in Pittsburgh, PA

You've got enough on your plate without worrying about what to cook for dinner. Instead of pouring over online recipes and agonizing over produce at the grocery store, turn to Prep U. Our meal prep company can help you enjoy delicious, healthy meals without the burden of shopping and chopping.

Reach out to us now to learn more about our meal plan service in Pittsburgh, PA. Our fresh, balanced menus can go a long way toward making you feel your best.

Prepping for success - one meal at a time

Our meal prep company is dedicated to helping you fuel your body and mind - one meal at a time. You'll love eating with us because...

  • We always use fresh, seasonal ingredients in all of our recipes
  • Our meal plans prioritize well-rounded nutrition and portion control
  • We deliver locally throughout Allegheny and Beaver County
Following a specific diet? We're happy to accommodate your dietary needs with customizable menu options.